Want to win at AirBnB? We’re proof that you can!

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These days, you can barely bring up real estate in Nashville without the conversation turning to AirBnB. It’s easy to understand why — who doesn’t want to increase the value of their home and make extra money?

While there are lots of places to stay in Nashville, we’ve consistently ranked among the highest rated in our neighborhood and enjoy a full calendar for most of the year. We were very fortunate to get in on this opportunity fairly early on and we’ve learned that almost all guests respond to the same things.

Our customers always want to know what to expect and have their expectations met. For us, this means we craft beautiful inviting spaces that can feel like a special treat and comforting, cozy space all at the same time. It’s also crucial for us to make sure that we communicate clearly with our guests about what they can expect from us when they arrive, ensuring a positive experience that keeps them coming back time after time.

While many real estate agents can recognize a good AirBnB opportunity, not all can help you create the perfect space for this competitive market. With our renovation and interior styling services, we can help you make the perfect home away from home in your AirBnB space.

We are always ready to help you create a great space to share with others. Our principles remain simple — craft a beautiful space, communicate clearly with guests, and give them a great experience. We can help curate your space with unique pieces and simple tweaks that put your space ahead of the pack, or renovate a space that needs some love in order to truly shine! 

With guidance and hard work from CASS and MARTIN, your AirBnB can be a great investment for you and a destination of its own for your guests!

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