The Arnold’s

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The Arnolds

Amy and Travis, married 8 years in May, have had a slow and steady process of making their house into a home. The first year of their marriage was spent living in the upper level of the home while they began renovating the lower level. Working their way down, and out. Now they have a home that quite literally stops traffic! Neighbors and strangers alike will stop and tell them just how much they love what they have done to the place. Nestled in the heart of East Nashville, it’s a great place to raise their twin girls. The home has new painted teal siding, and white trim and french doors, it really is a crown jewel of the street.

The House Before
The House Now

The two have always had a dream of having a bed and breakfast. That dream still holds true, but diving head first into a B&B is a little daunting. So when Airbnb became a popular option for travelers, they knew they wanted to jump on the opportunity to try it! There was a dirt floored attached garage to the home that got very little use, typical storage for lawn mowers and such. The Arnolds have a vision and are in progress to make it a fully renovated guest suite with a loft. Complete with walk in shower, stained concrete floors and a loft big enough for a queen bed!

The Garage Before


It is nearly finished; just a few  final touches need to be put in place to have it up and running. Final inspections are scheduled, and loose ends are being tied up. The transformation is stunning! Dark wood panelled ceilings create a beautiful focal point to the small space. Amy jokes that the shower is the biggest room in the whole place, and that’s almost true. Some of Travis’s family’s farm pieces are utilized in the space. A large metal lid will soon adorn the wall for a fun light display. And a another pieces of farm equipment hangs from the ceiling with string lights above the kitchen window.



We know the Arnolds from the church community, Ethos Church, that both our families attend. They have been good friends for a while, and now, we have a project to work on together. Recently, The Arnolds have made the decision to go to South Africa with Love Justice International where Amy (currently a sergeant with MNPD) will work with members of law enforcement to fight human trafficking  around the world.


When thinking about going on this missions trip, they had to think far ahead about what it would look like for their family when they return. That’s where we come in. The Arnolds want to be able to come home to the beautiful house they have built, but with no one living in it, it would soon become a money pit. That’s why they have opted to rent out their main home and loft to Airbnb travelers. We are more than happy to help a wonderful family like the Arnolds, #lovewheretheylive and do what they want with their lives.


We will be keeping up with them on the process of finishing the space, with many more tips and tricks to learn how they do it! We want to support them in all that they do. Follow them on their journey on their website: The Arnold’s Abroad. This family is one that we are proud to know and happy to help!


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