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What does it mean to LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE?

To love where you live may mean something different for each person, but we believe it always results in creating a home that helps you relax and connect with those you love!  For Cass, this means tidy, well-appointed spaces with minimal clutter. Beyond that, she looks for well executed interiors that have personal connections and specific items that “spark joy.”

A couple of years ago we encountered the concepts of de-cluttering and sparking joy reading Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Using the KonMari method outlined in this book we began the journey of getting rid of some of our stuff. Who are we kidding – we go rid of most of our stuff.

Applying the KonMari method was unbelievably freeing. (We really didn’t need all that stuff). The process allowed our family to curate our home so that it is filled with only things that we need or love.  If you have not read this book, I highly recommend it. You can get it here!

oh tidy spaces..

photo: vintage

Cass enjoys tidy spaces. This may not be true for everyone, but it helps us feel calm and collected, and minimizes distractions. 

Of course, as any parent can tell you, the fantasy of keeping a clean, orderly home with kids in the house is a wild fantasy at best. Fear not! Even if it’s difficult to keep everything tidy throughout your home, you can make time to keep one room or region of your home tidy.

Cass takes a quick couple of minutes to de-clutter the area she’s working in before getting to business, or sometimes cleans up the bedroom at the beginning of the day so that walking into it at the end of the day is a welcome treat. This is always helpful.

Define your style!


We all can get lost looking at well-curated pictures of spaces we find attractive. When you get lost on Pinterest, what rabbit holes do you tend to go down? When you’re leafing through a design catalog, what are the similarities in the things that stick out to you?

Identifying the common elements of the things that spark joy for you allows you to more easily curate your home to create joy and comfort. If you haven’t already, make a Pinterest board with items and spaces that you love and note the objects, themes and styles that keep coming back. When you step back and look for similarities, you will begin to see patterns emerge.

Also, HOMEPOLISH has a great quiz you can take to help with defining an interior style. It’s important to understand simple things, like whether you prefer many decorative items or fewer in a given space. Do you like dark colors, light colors, busy patterns or simple patterns?

At Cass+Martin, we love helping people understand their own style and crafting the home that is right for them.

Make the space personal!

photo: Melissa Oholendt

When selecting art, decor or any interior objects you like, be sure to include items that have personal meaning. This might be art that you connect with deeply, a family portrait, or a meaningful item you picked while on a special trip. There area many beautiful things out there, but not all of them are part of your story.

Spark your joy!


Focus on pieces and elements that spark your joy!  When you find these items or elements don’t rush past them. Often, these items are personal, but not always. An object that sparks joy makes you happy and feels good to have around. When Cass has a lovely candle from a local store lit in the corner, some fresh flowers from Nashville floral shop Flwr, and a design magazine in hand, she is in heaven, joy in full spark.

Curating a space that you love can take time but is well worth it. If this feels overwhelming or you simply need a fresh pair (or two) of eyes on it, Cass+Martin are here to help.

Sometimes, it is just time for a change.  Renovating your current home or moving to another is a great opportunity to start fresh.

We are real estate agents in the Nashville area while providing renovation services in addition to interior services. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us help you Love Where You Live.

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