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When we first came to Nashville, real estate was not exactly in the picture — in fact, it was nowhere to be seen! Martin was in school, finishing up his doctorate of physical therapy, our daughter Saffley was six months old, and we were getting things rolling with Eclectic Nashville, our storefront that offered home decor pieces and handmade gifts.

Now, after nearly seven years in Nashville, our lives have taken a completely different course and we couldn’t be happier! Through opening a brick and mortar storefront, buying a home, renovating our home, and buying and renovating several more rental properties in the area, we’ve discovered ways to work and serve in Nashville that we never dreamed we would!

Eclectic Nashville was an important step for us, learning how to grow a following of people who shared a love for beautiful, well-crafted things. We found that interesting pieces can bring life to any space and help anyone feel more at home.

Now, the path has changed. We discovered real estate slowly as part of our own family’s journey and are overjoyed by the new challenges and rewards that investing in our community brings!

It’s that love of home that truly drives cass+martin to help others find their own places to build their own stories. Our story hasn’t always been a fairy tale, but we’ve done it together — with each other, our friends, and our community — and we couldn’t ask for more!

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