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Few things can dramatically change the feel of a room and establish tone (pun intended, these puns are always intended) like picking out a new color for one or more walls. As you consider how to create the spaces that you want to live in or provide for others, you will almost certainly choose to repaint some or all of your space to take control of the feelings that the space encourages. With great responsibility comes great power, etc.


Even after you paint the walls of a new or recovering space, you may still punch up a room with a little color by adding some colorful splashes. Just remember that running an inviting short-term rental relies on your commitment to creating a space that focuses on welcoming your guests.

Photo by Norbert Levajsics on Upsplash


In very broad terms, the colors we choose when we paint a room tend to affect rooms in either active, passive, or neutral ways. If you choose to paint a space a very active color, for instance, those who spend time in that room may actually experience more volatile emotions. It may seem exciting to paint a large multi-use room a bright red, but you must keep in mind that it much is more difficult to relax in a largely red or bright yellow room.


Neutral and passive colors tend to create more relaxing experiences, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for some visually interesting elements in your short term rental. Often it just takes some time and patience to figure out how to curate your short-term rental space to make your guests feel at home and also represent your style.

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Here at Cass and Martin, we love enjoy helping friends and neighbors makes spaces where they and their guests love spending time again and again. Whether creating a simple space where you can walk in and enjoy some peace and quiet, or breathing life into a home that has lost its energy and focus, we are always ready to help you create a home you want to live in!

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