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So, you’ve got your short term rental up and running, but in a crowded market like Nashville, it’s not always easy to set yourself and your space apart from the pack. While there are many ways to add something special to a space, the extra touches that best fit your rental may vary depending on the nature of the space and its location.

While some short term rental owners prefer to treat their spaces like hotels by creating a professional, neutral environment, others find success in creating a more personal atmosphere, or some variation between the two. Regardless of the type of space you operate, we’ve found that most guests respond to the elements of the space that encourage them to feel at home, whatever that means to them.  

Any guest staying in your space can appreciate your personal touch to help them feel at home without the stresses that may be waiting back in their real, actual homes. We recently took a very informal poll of our friends, asking what they really appreciated in short term rentals (don’t hold your breath for us publish in a peer-reviewed journal, and most of them pointed to elements that were geared toward increasing a guest’s comfort and freedom in the space. 

Many guests enjoy extra soft towels or good quality shampoos and conditioners, little things that indicate that you, as the host, know what it’s like to stay in a short term space, too. Many hosts underestimate the importance of seemingly obvious things like bedside tables or plentiful nearby electrical outlets for the end of the night (or middle of the afternoon) when a guest really just wants to lie in bed and look at Instagram.

Here at Cass and Martin, we love working with short term rental spaces to make them truly special, inviting spaces. From designing and decorating a space to create a fresh feel, to renovating a space that needs a little love, to helping you find and buy a short term rental space of your own, we’re always looking to make new neighbors!

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