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cass + martin. Our unique set of skills and experiences creates a powerful team that can help you achieve all of your real estate goals. Whether you’re searching for your dream home, selling a home you own or needing a professional renovation, we help turn your plans into success stories.

Our experience building strong social media presences is just one of many ways that we help your listings get in front of buyers who love your home and simply must buy it! The strong focus on social media also helps you connect with the community at large when you decide to put down roots in Nashville.

Of course, we’re only able to serve our community in these ways because of what we are as individuals and as a family.


cass. is more than a realtor with a good eye for design.  Her education and professional experience provide a foundation of aesthetic understanding that few realtors can offer. Cass spent several years working as a designer with a residential architect after studying interior design at Mississippi State University. 

In addition, Cass spent several years as the owner and curator of Eclectic Nashville in historic East Nashville. Through Eclectic Nashville, Cass and Martin built a large following for offering unique home accents and gifts, as well as larger pieces like locally made furniture.

As a mother and wife living and working in East Nashville, Cass understands the complexities of searching for a home that fits all your needs, like nearby schools, daycares, parks, and businesses.

Cass takes great pride in being a working wife and mother who invests in her neighborhood in both practical and personal ways. You can often find her at Ugly Mugs meeting with clients, drafting documents, or using her knowledge of social media advertising to maximize exposure for real estate listings.



Martin.  has always been a kind, inviting soul with a keen ability to understand what people need. This desire to help others achieve an excellent quality of life led him to acquire his doctorate in physical therapy. Whether he is helping a father recover from a shoulder injury so he can pick up his kids again, or walking a family through a renovation before listing a home, Martin cares first and foremost about understanding the true needs at the bedrock of a person’s goals.

Helping individuals and families buy, sell, and renovate homes is a natural extension of his lifelong endeavor to help others improve their quality of life. In many ways, Martin believes that where you live and how you invest in your home determines how you live.

Martin’s experience in construction made it an obvious step to move from helping others buy and sell homes to also helping them improve the homes they love (or want to love).


together.  we work hard and play hard so that you can do the same. We live in the same neighborhoods where we do much of our work, and that’s just the way we like it.

No matter what your story may be, we want to help you write the next chapter and make it a success! We have carefully crafted a team of caring, committed individuals with experience across a broad range of fields to ensure that you have the best real estate experience possible. 

Sit back and relax, you’re in good hands with cass+martin.

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