2018 Home Trends: Floors

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These 3 Home Decor Trends for 2018 Will Floor You

A quick search for “flooring trends 2018” will return lots of results. And though thereʼs nearly as many predictions out there as there are home decor blogs, we want to focus on 3 design choices in partictular: tile, concrete, and antique Persian rugs. Rooted in tradition and classic design, these trends are sure to keep your home feeling stylish, cozy, and trendy for years to come.

1. Tile
With nearly endless options for style, color, and shape, using tile on your floors (or even walls) is the perfect way to express your style without sacrificing quality. For a sleek, modern look, you can choose creative layouts, like laying them vertically instead of horizontally and in straight lines instead of a brick pattern. Bonus tip: think past laying tile in a horizontal or verticle fashion, instead place them in a herringbone pattern.
Your tiling doesnʼt need to stay confined to white or off-white either – many designers are starting to incorporate darker wall colors, and colored tile has become a new and relatively inexpensive way to express your style and personality as well.
Since weʼve already suggested straying from a traditional tile layout, why not take it a step further? For a little more sparkle, try a hex tile mosaic!
Last tile tip: black. A classic color that has stood the test of time. Need we say more?

2. Concrete
The trend for concrete had already started in 2017, will likely reach fever pitch in

2018, and probably stay around a lot longer. If traditional wood flooring is not really your thing – look no further. While its light gray hue matches many contemporary color palletes, distressed, or even painted concrete can be a cool flooring alternative. Youʼre not limited to concrete floors either – concrete is a rock solid (pun intenteded) material for building everthing from walls to furniture and even bathroom implements.

Bonus tip: for a smart and stylish look that transcends both tile and concrete, check out terrazzo flooring which takes the slick look of cement flooring and adds a little texture.

3. Antique Persian Rugs
The rich colors and velvety smoothness of antique Persian rugs will be the perfect way to warm up any concrete or tile floor, and encapsulate all of the elements of your home. Persian rugs have been popular since, well, forever…but we canʼt think of a better way to tie many of the 2018 home decor trends together than with these timeless pieces. A well executed Persian rug will likely never go out of style. Looking for some awesome rugs here in Nashville? Check out Apple and Oak on the east side for some fabulous finds!

Our discussion about flooring trends for 2018 is only laying the foundation (okay, weʼll stop. promise) for a larger series of posts in which weʼll talk about all sorts of design trends that we predict will be popular this year, and for years to come. Check back here or subscribe to our email list for more in the coming weeks!

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